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The Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Nicole Anderson

Maid of Honor - Nicole AndersonChristie and Nicole met at Augustana where they worked in Residential Life. Even though Nicole has lived abroad on and off for the past few years, they have maintained a close friendship. Christie considers Nicole to be one of her most loyal friends.

Best Man

Adam Miller

Derek's brother seemed like a logical choice for his Best Man. Their personalities are far from the same but they have supported each other throughout the years and stayed close. Adam will certainly help to keep the wedding fun.


Robin Asay

Bridesmaid - Robin AsayRobin and Christie sat next to each other in Symphonic Band at Augustana. Robin is continuing her education at ISU, where she is currently working on a degree in Flute Performance. Christie is honored to have her stand up in the wedding.


Dominic Leone

Groomsman - Dominic LeoneAlthough Derek's cousin is more than 10 years younger the two are very close because of their common interests in sports and videogames. Dominic gets the honor of being the youngest member of the wedding party.


Danielle "Izzy" Clarizio

Bridesmaid - Danielle Izzy ClarizioIzzy was Christie's boss during the time they both worked at ResLife and the two have remained close ever since. Even though Izzy lives in Europe, she is a very dependable and supportive friend. It will be wonderful to see Izzy back in Illinois!


Steve Lindahl

Groomsman - Steve LindahlDerek and Steve have been friends since they were on the cross country team together in high school. Derek was a part of Steve's wedding party and decided to return the favor for his own wedding.


Emily Miller

Bridesmaid - Emily MillerDerek's youngest sister was the last member of Derek's immediate family that Chrisitie met and Christie commonly refers to her as the "prettiest Miller," which isn't suppose to offend Mallory or Derek.


Nicolas Mazza

Groomsman - Nicolas MazzaNick (or Nico) is Derek's soon-to-be brother-in-law and Derek is excited he will be joining the family as Mallory's future husband. Nick is always willing to lend a helping hand and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.


Mallory Miller

Bridesmaid - Mallory MillerDerek is closer to Mallory than anyone else in his family so Mallory's seal-of-approval for Christie meant a lot. Mallory, in addition to being a member of the wedding party, will be playing the organ for the church ceremony.


David Morton

Groomsman - David MortonChristie's brother gave Derek the seal of approval rather early and the two have gotten along well since then. The wedding will be bringing together two families and it only makes sense to include the members of both families in the wedding party.



Kris Mertes

Usher - Kris Mertes

Paul Rubach

Usher - Paul Rubach
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